Scientific Name

Dryopteris arguta  (Kaulf.) Maxon




This attractive woodland fern is common and widely distributed along the west Coast from British Columbia to Baja California and eastward into Arizona.  It grows from sea level up into montane evergreen forests.


Two patches of this species are known from CI habits, both on the north face of the hill to the northeast of Sage Hall.  A well-developed stand is found in the shade of the large jumble of boulders above Sage Hall, observed sporulating in May (2014).  The other is a little further east along the ridge line.  Not recorded before the Springs Fire, but likely present.


More on this species at Calflora.

The Jepson Manual (2012:  117, Dryopteridaceae by Allen R. Smith).

McAuley (1996:  371).


Dryopteris arguta in shade of large boulders above Sage Hall, CI.  Note the blue flowers of Phacelia viscida and broad leaves of Stachys bullata (both to right)(7 May 2014).


Dryopteris arguta in shade of large boulders above Sage Hall, CI (7 May 2014).


Dryopteris arguta on north face of hill near crest line to north east of Sage Hall, CI campus (12 March 2016)

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