Systematic Index

This is a taxonomic index, following the classification of the Jepson Manual - Vascular Plants of California (2012, 2nd edition). All native plants observed on campus habitats are listed here.  Each name links (or will soon link) to a page for that species (names that don't link anywhere yet have not had their accounts completed).

Index to Common Names

Note that common  names are not standardized, and the same species may be known several different common names.  Rare species may not have common names. 

Index to Scientific Names

In this index, the species are arranged by their binomial Latin name.

Scientific names are assigned by botanists and are rigidly standardized.  They may be changed occasionally, but only according to an established set of rules.

Species by Flower Color

     Blue, purple, lavender, re-violet




     White, cream, greenish white

     Yellow, orange

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